Title: Rutherford Appleton Lab, Chilton Didcot

Description: Industrial

Description of job: Extension Block to existing laboratory

Our work involved:

Initially we had to install all the temporary lighting and power for the builders on site. New switchboard installed from main board in existing lab new distribution board installed in new extension from this board. Addressable fire alarm system linked in with labs existing fire alarm. New IP65 rated lighting fittings installed under a mezzanine floor. Outside lighting columns. Installation of high bay lighting (installed using scissor lifts). New surface metal trunking and conduits installed throughout for power and lighting.

Specialist works:

Swipe card system

Tannoy system

Particular care was required on this job because of the nature of the building, swipe card had to be used to gain access to certain places these had to be carried along with ID. Also methods of safe working constantly observed at all times by RAL staff.